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Alex "Hoops" Hobbs

Hi! I am a two-time heart attack survivor on a mission to help people live their best life free of disease. I am married to my wife Beth and have 3 wonderful children, Kira, Irelynn, and Finnean. We are proud owners of our two rescue pups, Vino and Tobin.

4 Ways to Eat Plant-Based

It can get confusing. Vegan, Plant-Based, Whole Food Plant-Based, and Whole Food Plant-Based Vegan Diet. All are similar, but there is only one that I believe will optimize your health. So what’s the big difference? Let me try to explain…

The Stupidest Thing I Ever Said

After suffering my first heart attack, I was a mess. I am a classic overthinker. If I don’t have the solution readily available for a problem, I will get stuck in a thinking loop that never ends. Since I couldn’t…