Taco Tuesday Plant-Based Style!

We have a tradition in our house like many other families. Every Tuesday is “Taco Tuesday”! Since we have made the switch to eating plant-based, here is how Beth transformed our meal. 

First, she starts with homemade salsa! It is amazing! I would have to imagine almost all salsas are naturally plant-based, but making it at home has made it taste way better than store-bought salsa. 



Fresh cut vegetables for the salsa!


Then Beth made the most amazing plant-based queso. Yes, plant-based queso. No animal products and it’s better than any queso I have ever tasted. Made of potatoes, carrots, jalapenos, and other fresh ingredients, it is so good and guilt-free. 

Salsa and plant-based queso.


Lastly, Beth finished the meal with Cauliflower Tacos with Jalapeno Verde Sauce. The tacos are extremely filling, full of flavor, and exceptionally healthy. The recipe calls for cheese, avocado, and corn. Beth has gotten pretty good at modifying vegetarian recipes to be plant-based. For this one, we don’t use any cheese or substitutes. We also didn’t include any corn since it’s not in season, and our kids ate all of the avocados so we didn’t include those either. For the jalapeno verde sauce, Beth used vegan mayonnaise instead of oil.

Cauliflower Tacos for TACO TUESDAY!!!


So this is how we do Taco Tuesday! Beyond the delicious flavors, the meal is super healthy and fits easily into a plant-based lifestyle. The queso and salsa are so good, I mentioned Beth should start her own service to sell it locally. What do you think? 

Vino approves of the salsa.



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